You have entered the Grand Duchy of Geoff – or what’s left of it. These are interesting times in Geoff, for we have almost no country to call our own. The Giants and their nonhuman armies swept through the land, driving us from our homes. It has now been eight years, and the promised aid from our allies to help reclaim Geoff has stopped just when we’ve started to rescue our own land. We can only claim that a small piece of our homeland as free. The Knights of the Watch and the armies of the Gran March waged a bloody war on the Giants. It has been with the support of fierce warriors such as these that we have managed to retake Hochoch and a little of the surrounding region. As to whether or not the Knights and officials of Gran March will turn over control of Hochoch to the rightful owner, Duke Owen I, is another matter to be resolved.

[Inspiration, source material and writing like the paragraph above blatantly stolen from the epic Geoff Triad (all of them over time) and the great Eric B. whose notes on a Geoff home campaign are the epitome of perfection. Thanks to all of you.]