The Ffolk Return

Belwar's Fifth Journal Entry

--Or "I wish I had Glitterdust"

Today, I slept in and had breakfast in bed which was brought to me by one of my companions. They must have had a meeting or something in the morning as they all seemed to know what we were doing. Perhaps I was drugged the night prior into a deep slumber, to that I do not know the question. Oh, and the govenor decided that Flan was banned, but Belwar doesn’t really care as I don’t speak that unnecessary surface language. Why can’t it be like the underdark where everyone speaks undercommon? Oh well…unimportant thought for now.

My companions seemed to have a black stone and wanted to go somewhere, so I tagged along. Outside of the hideout of the Midnight Ravens was another beggar. I dare not give to yet another one as I already needlessly gave to the one from yesterday. The stone apparently had some importance to the Ravens as they mentioned the spider and let us in. We spoke with the Aspect of Knowledge once again, though I couldn’t see who exactly we were speaking to. The magical darkness blinds even my senses, something that disturbs me but is necessary for the discretion that people care for in this line of business. We received some knowledge about an unintelligent man named Bonick who lived above a cobbler in the slums, so we went over to see him.

On our way out of the hideout, we saw a halfling with a pig-desk. Pig-desk is really redundant as they are basically pigs themselver, but I digress. This halfling fit the description the mercenaries gave us and so he must be the one who sent them to kill us. We gave chase to an alleyway with a dead end. That’s where the halfing, who by the way was not a halfling but a gremlin, decided to attack us with his companions. I heroically lead the charge underneath scaffolding, something the tall folk had a hard time navigating. I carefully turned the tide of battle by turning the gremlins’ traps against them, something only a gnome of my caliber would be capable of doing. The gremlins didn’t last long against my might and genius, but one did run. I was lifted by a companion onto the roof where I considered giving chase, but of course it’s nice to occasionally let one live to tell the tale of who not to cross.

We eventually got to the slums after some time and knocked on his door. Only two people inside at a time, I didn’t want to get into the debate over how I question the term “people” in the presence of the company I was in, so I let it slide. Still I peered through the window to get the scoop, using a companion as a resting stool. Man was this guy in need of a good library session. You would think someone not even born into slavery would have some intelligence but as far as I can tell this guy only knows how to take things that are not his. Still, I can respect his ingenuity. Perhaps he will be of some use to me in the future. Anyways, he told us about some halfling- the pitiful slobs they are- that works for the govenor…or rather not. From what I overheard listening through the window, a magical item- a wand being my guess- is used by the halfling to control the govenor’s mind when he sleeps. Being a gnome in-the-know, I know of this halfling as Kinsel, the govenor’s aid for the past 3 years. He mentioned something about the right time, but I found that it’s moreso about the right people you know.

I thought a visit to Lwyress Blackblade in order so that we could use her influence to get us into the govenor’s house. I also told her that we had best get to the court to speak to the nature freak, though that was not my real intention. She gave us a letter for the govenor’s house but was otherwise quite useless.

We stopped into the court to speak to High Mage Abbonar. Having the dirt on him that I do, I convinced him to aid us. He gave us some potions to protect against the mind-controlling magic of the halfling. I was ready to leave but my companions wanted to speak to the nature-loving Breylin the Heatherdown. She was none too helpful, as I figured.
We then proceeded to the govenor’s house where we went inside swiftly. Well, most of us…Tywyn decided he would play with his snake outside and was therefore not very helpful to what happened next. The govenor did not like the claims we brought against him, nor did his halfling servant. I told him I would not stand for his malarchi and drew my sword and my potion, ready to cut the halfling down. The govenor recognized my superior intellect and power and followed my lead, turning against the halfling. He flipped the desk, spilling papers all over -as a way of creating more busy work for the halfing is my guess. The halfling instead turned out to be a distant fey cousin of mine and performed the tricks of my people, turning invisible. A fool he was, for I used my keen senses to determine the wereabouts of his dragonfly mount at all times. I dealt a great deal of damage to him along with one of my companions. Unfortunately most of them weren’t too helpful and didn’t bar the windows to prevent his escape. He ran.

We also ran, briefly stopping for a shopping trip before heading to the castle. Upon arriving at the castle, we encountered Emlyn, the man-servant of the Brennan Owin. We told him some limited knowledge of the situation and he took us to the Brennan’s quarters where we found the sword. I instructed another of my companions to take the sword as I dare not have its magic corrupt my brilliant mind. We then rushed to the bell tower where we would destroy the sword, but the Brennan was waiting for us with his guards…he was possessed by the magic of the sword. Thinking quickly, I told the elf to spray color forth from his hands and disable the guards. Now, the Brennan was the only thing left for me to deal with and I could destroy the artifact that gives my people our bad name. But dealing with the Brennan is a tale for another time.


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