Gyric Naming

In the legends, names have power. And I believe they still do today. They give you your identity and a way for other people to know of you. What Gyri doesn’t feel a swell of pride when they hear the name Iowerth the Farsighted? So let me tell you a bit about how the native Gyri name their children. Keep in mind though, these are not hard and fast rules.

When naming their wee ones, the Gyri follow the same guidelines as elsewhere within the Flanaess. Single names are the norm but can be combined with either a description (Owen the Cunning), profession (Avan the smith), or location (Dylan of Pest’s Crossing).

The Flan will also add their father’s or mother’s name to theirs if distinction is needed. This is done by using the word “ap” which means son of or “merch” which means daughter of (such as Davyth ap Pwyll or Catrin merch Eleri) .

I have listed below all the Gyric names that I have run across in my days. But this list is not meant to be every name possible. Many Geoffites vary names as the whim takes them, and the Oeridians and Suel have their style of naming.

May you always find a warm meal and a soft bed,

Rhys of the Ash

Female Names
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Gyric Naming

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