Gyric Pronunciation

I’ve been asked to explain to the lot of you some basic Flan. Normally, I’m bewildered at Geoffites not knowing their native tongue. But with the invasion and all the Marchers in our lands, I suppose anything can happen. Beory births all things.

You will find this language very useful. Flan is not commonly known outside of Geoff and is a great way of identifying yourself as a Geoffite or having private conversations on a busy street corner.

Okay, stay with me now. It isn’t so hard once you learn the basics.

Stress in a Word
Stress goes on the next-to-last syllable. If there is only one syllable, then it is stressed.

Simple Vowels
Long vowels – vowels in stressed syllables are long.
Short vowels – vowels in unstressed syllables are short.

a like “on” (short) or like “father” (long)
e like “let” (short) or like “late” (long)
i like “pit” (short) or like “lean” (long)
o like “lot” (short) or like “oat” (long)
u like “run” (short) or like “lust” (long)
w “w” can represent either a vowel or a consonant in Flan.
like “put” (short) or like “soon” (long)
y like “moo” (short) or like “bean” (long)


ae, ai, au like the vowel in “bike”
ei, eu, ey like “ah-ee”
aw like the “ow” in “now”.
ew like the “e" in “get” followed quickly by the “oo” in “food” — “EH-oo”
iw, uw like the “ew” sound in the English word "hew”
ow like “brown”
oe, oi, oy like “oy” in “boy”
wy the “y” sound with a hint of “w” at the beginning; “Wee” or “Wah” depending on whether the syllable is stressed of unstressed

ch as in “loch” (guttural “kh”-type sound)
ff aspirated “f”. Put your tongue in the position for “f” and exhale.
j does not exist in Flan.
ll aspirated “l”. Put your tongue in the position for “l’ and exhale.
r trilled at the tip of the tongue
s like common but “si” is pronounced as like “sh”
th soft like “th” in “theme”, never hard like “think” or “thyme”

May your days be fruitful,

Rhys of the Ash

Gyric Pronunciation

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